In 1498 Leonardo da Vinci was Hydraulic Engineer to the Duke of Milan and improved transportation with the Paderno d’Adda Canal, LECCO. Today we journeyed by bus from Visgnola on a very narrow winding road, with much tooting of the horn, to LECCO. The road followed the lake all of the way and gave us spectacular views of both Lake and mountains which were sometimes cloud covered. When gathering travel information, LECCO has been presented as a sombre industrial city, but today proved that to be incorrect. Its charm is mostly in its spectacular backdrop of the jagged Dolomite-like range. We were on a mission to seek out appropriate SIM cards and have come away quite happy with TIM, but only after those in the shop spent much time in getting us sorted! My encounter with special people today happened when I was on my morning walk on a quiet narrow road overlooking Lake Como and had stopped to take a photo (what else would I be doing?) A car drove slowly passed, parked when they could get off the road, and then the couple walked back to where I was to do what? – take a photo of course! They are French and spoke English very well and have seen more of Australia than I. Another special time to remain in the memory bank.


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