On this beautiful Autumn day in Lombardy, Northern Italy, with sun shining and fluffy white clouds floating in a blue sky and a temperature of 21 degrees, I set out walking to the fishing hamlet of Pescallo. Once upon a time the fish market was located here. At the beginning of the XIII century the hamlet of Pescarro was one of 3 places on Lake Como in a position to offer the largest quantity of fish to the market in Como.
The village looks out on the LECCO branch of the lake – a marvellous panorama framed by the mountains with the peak of Grigna (2,409 metres) in the background. Olive trees line the cobbled pathway down to the little boat harbour where all was still and quiet and not a ripple to be seen on the lake. Many steps to climb (All cobbled, so testing on the feet) for a panoramic view of the gardens of Villa Serbelloni which sits at the tip of the headland that divides the Lake into two legs. I was then back in Bellagio where there was more activity being Saturday. On a wall at the Serbelloni Steps there is a plaque honouring Franz Liszt (today’s contribution to The Grand Tour). He was particularly enchanted by the beauty of Bellagio and lived here for most of 1836 and 1837 when on a romantic sojourn. He wrote “when you write about two happy lovers, you must set the story on the shores of Lake Como”. Bellagio influenced Liszt’s mood and composition. “I felt that all the various features of nature around me did not reach me in the form of images, but provoked an emotional reaction in the depth of my soul, which I have tried to transcribe in music”. The composition of so many of his well-loved pieces of music testify to the natural beauty of the scenery.
I chose to walk back to Visgnola along the same pathway to enjoy once again the delightful simplicity of this ancient place named Pescallo – 3 hours to remember!



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