MILAN MARKET (Mercatore Antiquario di Navigli)

South of the city centre, the Navigli neighbourhood is named after the Canals from which it got its name. The Naviglio Grande grew from an irrigation ditch to one of the city’s biggest thoroughfares lined with docks, laundries and warehouses in the 1200’s. On the last Sunday of the month more than 400 antique and secondhand traders set up along a 2 km. stretch of the Navigli Grande. Today being the last Sunday in October, we joined the teeming throng of bargain hunters. This meant taking a bus from Visgnola to Lecco, a train to Milan (using our Eurail Pass), and then on the Underground to the Market. The day was overcast but dry and it was quite an eye-opener to see the extent of the market stalls lining a rather dirty, almost dry canal. We tasted roasted chestnuts and shared a Pizza for our lunch while listening to a saxophone played by a true Music Man. Our homeward journey meant that we had time between train and bus in Lecco so we had Aperitivo. APERITIVO IN ITALY – For Italians it is a glorious couple of hours between 7 and 9 when they relax over a glass of wine or Campari with snacks. Apparently Milan is hands down the best place for Aperitivo in Italy. When a drink is ordered it is usual for it to come with a little plate of snacks. We ordered a Spritz each and it came with a little plate of peanuts and one of crisps. For somebody who aligns the taste of alcoholic drinks with medicine, this did not disappoint! I now find that Spritz in Italy is made up of Aperol ( a slightly bitter orange Apperitive), mixed with sparkling wine (Prosecco) plus Soda Water over Ice. Next time I will stick with Orange Juice but it really did look good!





One thought on “MILAN MARKET (Mercatore Antiquario di Navigli)

  1. Thanks for the detailed entries, Shirley. We feel like we are sharing it all with you – if only we were in person! Love Callan and Caroline.

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