Where are we living at the moment? An apartment owned by Sally, namely Casa Fagiolina, in Visgnola. The village of Visgnola belongs to the municipality of Bellagio in the province of Como, region of Lombardia. It is 0.39 Kms from Bellagio, but the walk takes about 30 minutes allowing time for a couple! of photos. One of the fairly infrequent buses takes 8 minutes. This little village’s old square is Piazza dei Canestri where there is a bar, Il Tiglio, which the locals refer to as the Pub, and where we have enjoyed coffee on several occasions. Tabaccheria Mazzoni maintains the aspect of a 19th century Inn. In front is an original stone table shaded by an ancient linden (lime) tree just as it is seen on postcards from more than a hundred years ago. Under the table on the cobbles is the founding date. The interior preserves most of the structure from those times. In the centre of the square there used to be a well where families would get their water supplies before aqueducts were installed. An underground passageway used to link the well to the old inn’s cellars. A short distance from the Piazza is the Church of San Martino, a perfect example of 15th century architecture. Our apartment is right on the Piazza, first floor level, with table and chairs on a tiny balcony and has an amazing and ever-changing view of the mountains. Not to be forgotten is the tiny Pasticceria with its delectable goodies baked daily. Erika and I had a long walk today to San Giovanni but that will be something for the memory bank and not for the Blog.





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