Today we visited Verona which first meant a trip on the Metro to Centrale and then on a fast train (125 mph), namely frecciabianco, to Verona – 1 hour 23 minutes. A day of blue skies and 20 degrees.
Piazza Bra is a huge piazza inside the main gate entering the city. It was once a suburban field or braida. Part of the Piazza is a garden with a central fountain and there is a broad walkway with cafés and restaurants and elegant porticoed buildings (where I enjoyed Tiramisu during the afternoon). The Roman Arena is on one side of the Piazza. It was built in the 1st Century and holds up to 25,000 spectators. Since 1913 it has been the venue for theatrical performances and a prestigious opera festival.
The Lamberti Tower (Torre dei Lamberti).
The medieval bell tower was started in the12th century. Its completed height is 84 metres.
Piazza della Erbe was originally the Roman Forum. The rectangular Piazza is in the heart of the historic centre and is surrounded by beautiful medieval buildings and towers. Market stalls fill the area.
Through an archway with a whale rib hanging from the height, into Piazza dei Signori is a small square surrounded by monumental buildings. In the centre is a statue of Dante and perched atop buildings are other famous signori.
Verona’s most visited site is the balcony said to be Juliet’s as in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in a courtyard off Via Capello.
This has been a long but most enjoyable day.





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