Yesterday was not a day for Blog writing so I now report on the happenings of the day. I received an early Text from Erika who was staying in Bellagio (10 minutes from us) to say that she was feeling unwell (very dizzy) and would rest for the day. MM had already chosen a rest day so at 10:30 I set out on a walk in the local area. The weather was perfect and the day was a Public Holiday, Ognissanti, All Saints Day. I, of course, had my camera with me and photographed men picking their Olive crop (green olives) and just a few of beautiful Lake Como. Thankfully I had my ‘phone with me (thank you Grace) because I received a call from Sandra, (our friend in Bellagio) to ask where I was as she was coming in her car to pick me up. At first I was a bit puzzled but then realised that Erika had a very real problem. Sandra drove at full speed back to Bellagio amid many cars and literally hundreds of motor bikes all congregating there on the Public Holiday. When we arrived there was already an Ambulance in attendance and it was decided to transport her to Lecco to Alessandro Manzoni Ospetale.
There was I in the front of the Ambulance with an Italian driver who got us to Lecco in 25 minutes as opposed to the 52 minute bus ride. This was to be a very silent day for me as so many locals have no English at all and I have no Italian. The road edges the lake, is very narrow and windy with several tunnels so there is much tooting of horns at blind bends.
On arrival Erika was whisked away and I was pointed in the direction of the Emergency waiting room. I was pleased when I could see her on a bed away in the distance with the reception area between us. This is where I sat for the next seven hours. Much of that time Erika was just waiting but they did blood tests and then a scan which was looked at by a Neurologist who reported that there was no problem. MM, who kept in touch with texts, and I prayed much throughout the day.
What an interesting experience sitting for all of those hours where nobody spoke English – Erika had to talk with the Doctor in French!
We are very thankful that she feels well enough to travel with us by train to Zurich today where she will get local medical assistance.
(By the way, into bed at 11:00, having set out for a short walk with purse, phone and camera)
The only time I have been in an Ambulance and we even had lights flashing.





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