Today we are in Switzerland – it is wonderful to return.
I could only report lightheartedly on yesterday’s Ambulance ordeal because this afternoon, on arrival In Zurich, Erika sought further medical advice in her home country and was diagnosed with inner ear problems due to a virus. We are all very thankful and much relieved.
We have travelled today on Ferry to Como and train to Zurich arriving 35 minutes late and walked to our apartment. It is quite spacious, light and warm. The warmth may be needed tonight as the minimum is 3 degrees with a top tomorrow of 9. (Quite warm when one considers what lies ahead).
Now, just a little about Zurich – the city is the largest and richest in the federal state of Switzerland and is the capital of one of the country’s 26 Cantons. It is located at the northern end of Lake Zurich. Zurich was founded around 15 BC by the Romans.
The formation of a Federal State was in 1848. Zurich’s two main rivers are the sea-green LIMMAT and the coffee-coloured Sihl which converge in Platz-Spitz-Park. Photo of the kitchen and the view from that window. .



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