The New Botanical Garden of Zurich University was created in 1976 and covers an area of approximately 13 acres. There are over 9,000 plant species offering visitors a botanical tour of the world without leaving Zurich. The overall feel of the original style English park has been preserved. Being here in Autumn have us the pleasure of beautiful leaf colour especially in the Copper Beech.
Three futuristic-looking greenhouses provide conditions for different plant habitats representing global plant diversity. It is always a joy to be in a garden.

We walked through Zurich’s Old Town (Altstadt) with buildings dating back to the 15th century ( and some perhaps even earlier) and enjoyed lunch at Conditorei, an amazing eatery with an incredible old world ambience. My cheese quiche was easily the best quiche I have ever tasted and Erika and MM enjoyed soup. The array of sweet pastries was something to behold. I loved the Cash Register.
Another treat today was to be taken to a specialised Fondue Restaurant. Sharing fondue with friends is one of the most convivial ways of dining. Derived from the French verb fondre meaning to melt, fondue is a Swiss/French winter dish of melted cheese, wine and seasoning served in a communal pot over a small burner. It is eaten by dipping cubes of bread (and we had baby potatoes in their jackets) on long handled forks into the cheese. This is a very traditional meal in
Switzerland and we thoroughly enjoyed sharing this time with Erika and Lila.






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