What a difference it makes to have a local personal guide (and friend) to plan the day and accompany me on a Swiss Adventure. Erika and I have had a great time today visiting places new to both of us. At 10.30 we left Zurich in First Class (using Eurail Pass for me) on a very comfortable Swiss train and traveled
through Bern to Fribourg, then bus to Bulle and train to Gruyères which stands in the midst of the green, pre-alpine, Fribourg foothills, to visit the Castle of Gruyères. The Castle (altitude 830 metres) is one of the most prestigious in Switzerland and with its impressive towers and ramparts, dominates the picturesque medieval town. The building was constructed between 1270 and 1282.
In 1938 it was bought by the Canton of Fribourg and opened to the public.
A first class multimedia show gave us an insight into the history of the Castle.
In the Music Room there is a piano made for Franz Liszt in about 1835.
The walls of the ramparts and the towers were rebuilt at the end of the 15th century . The site for the French style landscape garden was chosen in Medieval times.
After a coffee, we put our umbrellas to good use as we walked back into Gruyères passing the black and white cows with tinkling bells.
Next stop – THE HOUSE OF GRUYÈRE, a demonstration dairy where we went on a discovery tour to learn the secrets of cheese-making. With headsets we were guided by Cherry the cow on a most informative production process, from farm to table.
Our outing came to an end at about 20:30 back in Zurich. A very enjoyable and educational day.






One thought on “CHATEAU de GRUYÈRES

  1. Hi Shirley

    What adventures you have had ( some not so good, but as you say, it turned out well in the end!) How dependant we are on only being able to speak English – for the most part! Your visit to Gruyeres brought back memories as my French relatives took us there too – we had a wonderful day, and ate a very filling cheese fondue-ish lunch in the little town at the foot of the castle. Brrr, sounds cold though!

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