Leaving Zurich at 10:00 today, Erika and I had it in mind to go to the top of Mount Pilatus, 2,120 metres. Erika had been keeping a close look at the weather forecast and estimated that all would be clear in the middle of the day, but one never quite knows. The trip was via Luzern and on the way we enjoyed a special treat (brought by Erika) of world-famous Luxemburgerli, a Sprüngli specialty which was developed over 50 years ago – baby macarons! Beautiful.
The journey up the mountainside was on the World’s steepest Cogwheel Railway – “For many people engineer Eduardo Locher was crazy when he put forward the idea of building a railway up to Mount Pilatus in the 19th century. But the 4618 m long stretch of railway was opened in 1889 (steam operation until 1937) and with its 48% gradient is still the steepest cogwheel railway in the world. This was achieved by the brilliantly innovative construction of two horizontally revolving cogwheels.” On the way up I had my first experience of seeing snow on trees (Erika should report this bit because she saw my look of absolute delight!).
At the top, what an awesome sight – an amazing panoramic view. The panorama gallery gives uninterrupted views of the breathtaking mountains, Lake Lucerne and Lucerne itself and we saw it all under a blue sky with an occasional drift of white cloud which only added to the atmosphere. We spent some time outside in the -3 degree temperature and then enjoyed our lunch in the warmth while taking in the view.
On our return to Luzern we walked in part of the old town near the lake and then took a round trip on a ferry (the Fluelen) going as far as Beckenried and calling at Weggis and Vitznau. It was great to experience the lake in daylight on the way out and then as we returned, the villages were all sparkling with lights which were reflecting in the water.
The train back to Zurich brought us to the end of another great day.
The short walk back to the apartment from the Station was the only time I used my umbrella.







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