Although the day was grey and quite wet, Erika and I set out on a Walking Tour of the city – she had planned this well and had much information for me along the way. I will share a few of the highlights.
The starting point was ZURICH MAIN STATION (ZURICH HAUPTBAHNOF) which is the largest Railway Station in Switzerland. Three thousand trains carrying 350,000 passengers arrive and depart daily on 30 tracks. The concourse is used regularly for themed markets including Europe’s largest indoor Christmas Market ( Christkindlimarkt)
Beneath the concourse is a modern shopping centre called Shopville Railcity.
Outside the Renaissance style Station is a monumental fountain to the memory of Swiss Politician and railway Entrepeneur,
Alfred Escher(1819-1882) who initiated the construction of the Gottard Railway and was a founder of what is today, Credit Suisse.
THE CHURCH OF ST. PETER ( St.-Peters-Kirche) boasts the largest clock face in Europe. It has a diameter of 8.7 metres and the minute hand is almost 4 metres long. The first Reformed Minister at the church was Leo Jud who assisted Zwingli
(1484-1531) on the translation of his Zurich Bible. Zwingli initiated the Swiss Protestant Reformation across German speaking Switzerland, furthering Martin Luther’s crusade against corruption in the Catholic Church.
Above the pulpit is a quote from Scripture – Matthew 4:10 – You shall worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.
GIACOMETTI’S GLORIOUS ENTRANCE HALL. The Surrealist Swiss Sculptor, Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966) is considered one of Switzerland’s most important artists. He was known as the Master of Colour. His work provides a grand uplifting entrance to the Zurich Police Station – surely, the grandest anywhere. It is recently restored -a rich palette of reds and golds with splashes of vivid blue and green. Erika had to leave her ID at the desk and we were allowed in for 10 minutes under the watchful eye of many cameras I feel sure.
BAHNHOFSTRASSE a pedestrian only street lined with Linden trees and housing some of the World’s most prosperous Banks and expensive shops selling luxury merchandise such as fashion, Swiss watches and Jewellery.
Although it was very wet and windy and our umbrellas turned inside out (and had to purchase new ones), Erika provided a most informative tour (and we had lots of laughs) and of course enjoyed coffee and cake and later a beautiful cauliflower soup to warm us. Thank you Erika!






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