Our walking tour today was in the city of Bern which was founded in 1191 on a peninsula which would offer protection on three sides. The Clock Tower was the city’s first gate.

In the late Middle Ages, Bern was seen as the largest and most powerful city state north of the Alps. In 1405 most of the city was burned to the ground. The reconstruction, in sandstone, resulted in the building of roughly 6 Kms. of Arcades. The old town of Bern boasts the longest covered shopping promenade in Europe.

In 1848 Bern was elected the Capital of Switzerland by the first united Parliament. In 1983 Bern was included in UNESCO’S World Heritage Site List. The famous Old Town stretches from the loop of the River Aare to the ancient fortifications. 15th century Arcades, beautiful houses and lanes, towers, walls and 16th century fountains all bear witness to the city’s rich history.



The city’s current emblem is a bear which first appeared in 1224. We visited BarenPark (Bear Park) which is located on the Aarenhang.


I thought the chocolate one looked pretty good too!

Cathedral (Münster). Construction of this impressive late-Gothic building started in 1421 but the tower was only completed in 1893 after the Reformation.

This is where I must stop for today. It was a great place to be when showers were forecast as the lengthy Arcades provided shelter. The temp was about 3 degrees but I was very warm wearing Erika’s jacket. It will be sad to leave Zurich tomorrow!

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