Actually, my day started in Regensdorf where after a good sleep and breakfast, Erika and I had a walk in the area surrounding her home. This was most enjoyable as the sun was shining and the setting is a rural one.

20131111-133748.jpg. At midday we left Erika’s lovely apartment to drive to Zurich in plenty of time for me to catch the 13:15 train to Munich.


It was really difficult for me to say goodbye to Erika as our friendship has grown as we have shared so much in the time we have been in Switzerland – can’t wait for her to come to Australia again.
With 4 seats to myself on the train, I had a very comfortable 4 hours 15mins and my case was not causing any problems.
The early part of the journey was quite beautiful as we passed through St.Gallen, Bregenz to Lindau

Moira, much to my surprise, was at the Station to meet me. We were going to get a taxi to our apartment at Munich Apartments Lindwurm 70, but the driver
insisted that it was not far to walk so that is what we did. I really think that the fare was not large enough for him because it took us quite a time through a rather seedy area.



The girl at the desk was very welcoming and has good English as she has actually spent 12 months in Australia. The Apartment gives us all that we need and we will start investigating the city tomorrow. We noticed 6 degrees as we walked from the Station. Photography is quite a challenge when dodging the reflections on the windows.



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