MM and I were back in Marienplatz this morning to make sure that the workers were getting on with the setting up of the Christmas tree and getting the market stalls evenly placed, even using a theodolite. Actually, the real reason we were there was to see the Glockenspiel in action at 11 o’clock (something we missed yesterday).
The main item on the Agenda today was to visit Dachau Concentration Camp, not on a guided Tour, but in our own time and at our own pace. We left the Main Station (Hauptbahnhof) in Munich and travelled to Dachau using our Eurail Pass.

On arrival in Dachau we took a bus to the Memorial site and first visited the information centre and Bookshop, where we had conversation with a lovely lady who introduced us to the English books.

Dachau is a town 20 Kms. West of Munich. It is the second largest city on the outskirts of Munich (42,000 residents). In May 1913 Adolf Hitler arrived in the Bavarian capital, Munich. He came from Vienna with all of his belongings in a single suitcase and made a living selling self-painted postcards to tourists. He served as a volunteer in the
German army during World War I from 1914 to 1918 after which he joined the German Workers’ Party, a small right wing group in September 1919.
After a violent failed attempt to seize power in November 1923, he finally became the Chancellor of the German Reich in January 1933 and subsequently one of the most powerful dictators in history.
The Concentration Camp at Dachau was opened two months later. This turned out to be the beginning of a system that spread out into many other parts of Europe over the next 12 years; a system used by the Nazis through the tyrannical methods of the SS to torture and murder
Millions of innocent people. Every prisoner was forced to give up his freedom, his rights and his human dignity.
The Museum is very extensive and we watched a 20 minute documentary. The day was cloudy, cold, but dry, and very atmospheric when walking around this sombre place. It covers a huge area and there was not an excess of tourists so it had quite an eerie feeling. Beautiful trees surround the property just beyond the fence line. (I haven’t zoomed my photos so that size is more appreciated)


The gate as we were leaving – WORK FOR FREEDOM


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