Today we took an ICE (Intercity Express) Train from Munich to the DB main train station in Nuremberg and decided that we would put our cases in a Locker so that we could investigate the city more easily.

We went our separate ways and arranged to meet just before three as our accommodation tonight is in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. With Map in hand, plus camera, plus iphone so that I have photos for this Blog, I was on my way.
The Imperial Castle atop the rocky promontory above Nuremberg was one of the most important fortified imperial palaces of the Old Holy Roman Empire. The Castle and the city served as the location for numerous imperial assemblies. From 1424 the imperial regalia were safely kept in Nuremberg. Up until the 30 years war it was the central location of the empire.


NUREMBERG TRIALS – in the criminal court of the Nuremberg Palace of Justice world history was written. On
20th November 1945 the trial against “the main war criminals” began in the criminal court. In “Courtroom 600”, 21 leading representatives of the Nationalist Socialist regime were made to answer for their crimes against peace and humanity.

I arrived at The Church of Our Lady just at midday so stood with many others to hear the bells and watch the moving figures. Workmen are busy setting up trees, stalls and manger scene ready for the traditional Christmas Market immediately in front of the church so all is a little chaotic at the moment.


The bridges over the River were most interesting especially the Hangman ‘s Bridge. It was constructed as a wooden footbridge in 1457. Situated directly over the River are the former official living quarters of the hangman. Between 16th and 19th c., the Nuremberg hangman lived in the tower and the roofed over walkway above the Pegnitz River.


TRÖDELMARKT – along the small Pegnitz Island is a lovingly restored group of houses where in the Middle Ages the Pig Market was held.

That’s enough about my very interesting three and a half hour walk around Nuremberg and, yes, we did get to Rothenberg and yes I am ready for a sleep. Beautiful Rothenberg tomorrow.

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