Plonlein/Siebers Tower – One of the world’s most popular photo opportunities is the Plonlein (little Square) at the end of Schmiedgasse.
Beyond, the Siebers Tower (dating back to 1385) was part of the “new” fortifications.
This photograph is used widely in advertising brochures.

I have today walked another large section of the wall and consider I have covered most of it now although at different times. Over much of the distance the walkway is quite high and narrow and the views over the town rooftops is amazing.




It was good to come down from time to time to appreciate the structure of the wall itself. Once again I have been thankful to be here without crowds and able to stroll and enjoy at my own pace and in my own time. We are told that the crowds will start to come next week in time for the Christmas Market.




TODAY’s food report
Rothenburg’s specialty is Schneebällen with a long tradition which goes back to the Middle Ages. It is a snow-ball shaped treat which is somewhere between a shortbread and a pastry. There are about 20 different flavours and some specialist shops. I bought an “original” one, covered in icing sugar, and am glad that I brought it back to the room to eat it!!



When doing some research for this trip, I had read an article by Rick Steves advising that the best shop
to buy Christmas decorations etc. is The Friese Shop so yesterday I called there and had a chat with the son as his Mother who works in the shop had just gone for a rest (she is 86). He said that his Mother had lived many years in Australia and would love to talk with me so this morning I returned. What a lively, interesting lady. Her husband had worked on the Snowy Mountain Project and she at 20 became the Ambulance Driver, who got a mention when Robert Menzies opened the Project. In the 70’s they had a Camper and travelled 32,000 Kms. around Australia and she can talk about places as if it were yesterday. Another occasion when I could have stayed all day – her son said “Mum loves to talk”. I enjoyed seeing her photos and hearing her reminiscences.


3 thoughts on “A PHOTO AT EVERY TURN

  1. I have caught up with your blog this afternoon, although I just cannot take it all in – goodness knows what you feel like trying to do the same in reality! So amazingly OLD! And so beautiful, quaint, – and ordinary people actually live amid all this history. I guess they just get used to it as they get on with their lives. I can imagine that camera getting worn out…..

  2. hmmm the Schneebälle look yummy – but I’m sure they are not as good as our “Luxemburgerli” 🙂

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