Breakfast at 12 Euro per head is worth every euro cent. It is served in what was the Carriage Yard which was originally without a roof and had balconies high on the walls. It is decorated in the same superior style as the rest of the Hotel and the service is impeccable (this applies to the whole place from Front Desk to House Maid). This year the Restaurant has achieved 4.5 stars on Trip Advisor.
Two Aussie ladies at breakfast:


Will you have juice?

Perhaps a bowl of cereal:

Or home-made marmalade with your crunchy rolls?

And I haven’t even mentioned the hot serves of scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, little sausages etc. and cold cuts of many varieties and a lovely cheese platter, but that will suffice.


Rothenburg is at the cross roads of both the Romantic Road (Romantische Strasse) and the Castle Road (Burgenstrasse). This morning I walked way down into the Tauber Valley.
In Winter, the snow turns Spires and rooftops into a living Christmas card. One of Germany’s oldest and best celebrations is the atmospheric 500 year old Reiterlesmarkt, the Christmas Market.
Preparations are continuing as the tree is being decorated and the stalls put in place.
The type of conifer used is quite different as some of the fronds are lighter in colour and almost give the appearance of a sprinkling of snow.

The town has many Christmas Shops all year, but they, of course, come to the fore at Market time.


The Shop signs are really beautiful and, like everything else in this town, well monitored, even the more modern ones.



And the sign at the EISENHUT

Tomorrow we leave Rothenburg ob der Tauber – an experience we won’t forget – with just a few photos to remember it by!!

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