Today has been a travel day. After another enjoyable breakfast we thanked the staff at the EISENHUT in Rothenburg and strolled to the train station in good time to catch the 11:06 train to Steinach – train No. 1.
Steinach to Wurzburg – train No. 2.
Wurzburg to Fulda – train No. 3.
Fulda (left 13:20) to Erfurt (arrived 14:40) – train No. 4.
All went very smoothly with only a short time at each station for us to change to another Platform.
On the last leg of our journey we had the company of a German lady from Dusseldorf who was traveling to Weimar. She conversed well with us using her school taught English.
During the weeks of travel in Switzerland and Germany I have learned that every time one boards a train the coat comes off, the scarf comes off and the next layer
also comes off so that one is not too hot. A few minutes before destination is reached, the process is reversed ready to face the cold. It is quite a rigmarole, but necessary. Our friend today described it as “onion style”!!
We are now in an apartment in the historical Old Town (Alstadt) of ERFURT.
Erfurt is the capital city of Thuringia and the main city nearest to the geographical centre of Germany. The city emerged from World War II relatively unscathed, with most of its innumerable towers intact. It is a charming blend of wealthy town houses and half-timbered buildings. The narrow, busy, ancient streets and highly coloured and decorative facades are delightful. It was in Erfurt that Luther lived as a monk in its Augustinian Monastery. ( much more about Luther in coming days)
As we walked at about 16:30 we watched as another Christmas Market was being set up with wooden stalls being moved into place. A visit to the Tourist Information was appropriate and then the purchase of bread rolls for breakfast was interesting as MM donned her gloves and selected the rolls. It was dark and seemed much later than it was, but having seen an eating place with olde worlde charm we decided to have something to eat and make our way back to the Apartment – Goulash Soup for MM and Baked Camembert for me – all good.

We are currently having trouble setting up the free Wi-Fi in the apartment so publication may have to wait until tomorrow.








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