A short (14 minute) train journey from Erfurt took us to Weimar, the culture and residence City in the middle of Europe.
From here ideas and artworks began their paths around the world. Today, the great names of the past still resound: Goethe and Schiller, two famous German writers; Bach and Liszt.
Weimar has no fewer than 16 residences and ensembles which enjoy the protection and prestige that comes with UNESCO World Heritage designation – a remarkable triumph for a town of its size.
Generous park landscapes, open squares and narrow alleyways, the poet’s homes, museums and palaces – European cultural history gathered into the smallest space. The city still remains authentic.
The reformer, Martin Luther preached in
the City Church of St. Peter and Paul, which is famous for its three-panelled Cranach altar and its Luther triptych.
The German National Theatre in Weimar belongs to the most significant and internationally renowned theatres in Germany. The Staatskapelle Weimar, at home in Weimar, is a top orchestra much on demand even outside of Thuringia.
Weimar is also traditional: the Onion Market has been an attraction for more than 360 years, always on the second weekend in October, wine festivals from Goethe’s home, ceramic market on the historic site, and the Christmas Market during the advent season.
“Just seize upon the full life people live!” is Goeth’s invitation in Faust.

But, in spite of all the grandness of the cultural city, the terror of Buchenwald cannot be separated from Weimar.





As we arrived at the Hauptbahnhof (Train Station) in Erfurt prior to going to Weimar, we saw our first snow fall – very exciting! The day was very cold so it was good to have reason to be inside to thaw every so often. We enjoyed morning coffee ( and MM charged her ‘phone) in what looked like a 4 star Hotel and made use of the toilet facilities there – very flash!
In Weimar, a Thuringian sausage is a must, street food style, served in a roll with both mustard and ketchup nearby to add to taste. It was some time after 14:00 before this was found and enjoyed prior to boarding the train to Erfurt and back to Stella Apartments in Pergamentergasse.
The apartment is in an excellent position, central in the old town, cleaner than clean, has two bedrooms (MM is hidden away in the kids room) and the decor is all red and yellow and new – just right for us!!





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  1. Everywhere you visit you encounter something new and fabulous to share… well, old and fabulous. I’m so glad.

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