Another sunny day, blue sky and 3 degrees so 360 DEGREES BERLIN was our plan for the morning. No alternative provides such a complete overview of the German capital as the Berlin TV Tower. In just 40 seconds the elevators take you to the panoramic floor at 203 metres with amazing views in every direction with good visibility up to 80 Kms.
In 1964 Walter Ulbricht decided in favour of erecting the television tower at Alexanderplatz. The result was a highly conspicuous building that could also be seen from West Berlin and was intended to represent the socialist part of Germany.


There is a rotating restaurant at 207 metres where we enjoyed morning tea.



At 13:00 we found our way to the meeting point for a Brewers 4 hour Free Walking Tour. (English speaking)
We were with a group of about 15 much younger people and a guide named Polly (originally from Bristol) who had an amazing knowledge, great control of the group and delivered information without sounding as though she had done it many times before. It is suggested that a donation is given according to the perceived quality of the Tour and skill of the Leader.
We began on Museum Island where there are Five museums of world class, the Pergamon being the pearl. The ensemble of Museums is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is situated in the northern part of Spree Island.
The Berlin cathedral is the city’s oldest and biggest church.


The Neue Wach (New Guard)
Is a war memorial – a very moving piece of art … Mother and her dead son by the Berlin Artist Kathe Kollwitz. The sculpture is directly set under an oculus and is exposed to the weather, symbolising the suffering of civilians during the war.

The Bebelplatz of Berlin became infamous when the Nazis burned books of Jewish writers here in 1933. A very interesting and hidden memorial commemorates that dark chapter of German history.
A short respite as we visited the largest Chocolaterie in the world, Fassbender & Rausch (1890) and enjoyed a warming Hot Chocolate and admired the shop and its amazing chocolate sculptures.


Other places on our tour were Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag of Berlin, the traditional Seat of the German parliament.
The day was made complete by a walk through our first German Market.




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