A slow start today. This is the first day in six weeks that I didn’t have a positive plan and I said in an email to a friend that this old lady would possibly have a “rest day” – her comment was “old ladies do not travel around the world!”
MM and I had decided that we would separate for the day, but we did go together downstairs at 09:50 to a Cafe named Karaca to enjoy breakfast as advertised on the sandwich board. MM had the Meat and I had the Vegetarian. This was a very good start to the day (€6.95 including coffee).


I then walked for the next three and a half hours without a break, except for photos,
(Not quite a rest day) but I wanted to re-visit a couple of places viewed after sundown on our Walking Tour.
The first was THE REICHSTAG, seat of the German Bundestag and a significant stage for many events in German history.
After extensive restoration, the building was re-opened with a new glass dome. The flags were flying at half mast today, but don’t know why.

THE BRANDENBURG GATE on Pariser Platz. This sandstone edifice is crowned with the magnificent Quadriga. It is one of the finest examples of German classicism and one of the most recognisable landmarks in Europe. The gate was built in 1788-1791 and was one of many gates through which citizens would enter the city. On one side is the famous Unter der Linden and the Hotel Adlon of Michael Jackson fame.

20131128-163021.jpg. The memorial to the Murdered Jews in Europe (Holocaust Memorial)
covers an expansive area one block south from the Brandenburg Gate. A WALK IN THE TIERGARTEN, an area of more than 600 acres, where there were still some beautiful Autumn leaves to see (viewed yesterday from the River Cruise) and a Memorial to Goethe was something I enjoyed on a day that was not quite as cold as we have experienced.



A photo of blue pipes mentioned in yesterday’s Blog.

CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS – how simple they can be to give pleasure and enjoyment in the making and the giving!
(Sorry if I appear to be going backwards, but I have been remiss in not sharing it earlier). When walking through the Saturday morning Fruit and Veg. Market back in Erfurt I saw bundles of foliage and wreaths of pine plus natural cones etc. to purchase – what fun to make your own fresh decorations and to know that, in this climate, they will last until Christmas; a little different to buying the fresh tree at the last minute so that it won’t shed all of its needles before the day!!






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