At 10:30 when packed and ready to leave, I asked the fellow in the Cafe downstairs about the way of hiring a taxi in Berlin. He was out of the door and into the traffic and within 30 seconds we were in the taxi and on our way to Hauptbahnhof to catch the train to Hannover (€6 well spent when the alternative is dragging cases). The Berlin Train Station is an amazing place with trains traveling all over Germany, some arriving and departing above ground and others on underground tracks. Stairs, escalators, circular elevators all moving pedestrian traffic hour after hour.


Yesterday we had watched as a huge Christmas Tree was being constructed near the main entrance to the Station and by today it had been topped with a large silver star.


After MM successfully booked a train journey for later in our trip and made some Reservations we were on the one and a half hour ride in a “quiet” carriage to Hannover, arriving at 13:30.


HANNOVER, capital of Lower Saxony, is perhaps the most international city in Germany, with its large exhibition centre as the hub of commercial activity. It is a region for innovation. Numerous firms, both established and new, are situated here because they find the location exceptional. The superb, close-knit research scene and tertiary education sector also offer personnel resources and excellent partnership opportunities.
Hannover can look back on an over-60-year tradition as an international trade-fair city.

Our apartment here is in a very nice area and most suitable for us with two bedrooms, tea and coffee making facilities, refrigerator and microwave.

View from my window

Trivia time: In the Apartment in Berlin there were 19 power sockets. In my room tonight there is one.

It is always a challenge, when arriving at a new city, to find helpful information in ENGLISH. We went straight to Tourist information when we arrived today so hopefully I will once again learn something of Hannover’s history to share.


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