In 2006, when experiencing 4 days in London on my first visit to the UK, I made a quick decision to jump off the HOP-ON HOP-OFF BUS at Buckingham Palace as it was a little over one hour before the Changing of the Guard Ceremony. I knew that I wanted to be right at the fence to get the best view possible.
On the same day, an Iranian young lady who was studying medicine in Germany was on 2 weeks’ leave in London. She was also standing by the fence.
During the waiting time we conversed as best we could, using very broken English, hand signals, smiles and laughter!
Before we separated we exchanged email addresses and I took a little kangaroo pin from the lapel of my jacket and pinned it on hers.
We have kept in touch from time to time over the years, through good times and some not so good and have always sent cards at Christmas time.
Knowing that I would be only an hour from her when in Hannover I suggested that I go to see her and she invited me to stay with her, but I felt it more appropriate to spend the day together. Well, today was the day. I was thankful to be taking MM with me, especially as I knew communication with S. would be better, but not good.
We were met at the Station with sincere hugs of delight. She had prepared an amazing three course meal and, with digital translators working overtime,
we conversed for the five hours we had in her home.
Nothing is a coincidence – God has a plan for each of us and I know that I need to be obedient to His guidance. I am thankful for the friends God has given to me, young enough to be my daughters.


Sweet treats to take with us:


WORDS FROM C.H.SPURGEON on the first day of Winter in this part of the world.

My soul begin this wintry month with thy God. Winter in the soul is by no means a comfortable season, and if it be upon thee just now it will be very painful to thee: but there is this comfort, namely, that The Lord makes it. He sends the sharp blasts of adversity to nip the buds of expectation: he scattereth the hoarfrost like ashes over the once verdant meadows of our joy: he casteth forth his ice like morsels freezing the streams of our delight. He does it all, he is the great Winter King, and rules in the realms of frost, and therefore thou canst murmur. Losses, crosses, heaviness, sickness, poverty and a thousand other ills, are of the Lord’s sending, and come to us with wise design. Frosts kill noxious insects, and put a bound to raging diseases; they break up the clods and sweeten the soil. O that such good results would always follow our winters of affliction.

How we prize the fire just now! How pleasant is its cheerful glow! Let us in the same manner prize our Lord who is the constant source of warmth and comfort in every time of trouble. Let us draw nigh to him and in him find joy and peace in believing. Let us wrap ourselves in the warm garments of his promises and go forth to labours which befit the season.

PSALM 74:17 – “Thou hast made summer and Winter”


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