The Hannover region is a cosmopolitan, central and enjoyable place to live. Its central location is one of the many aces it has up its sleeve with good motorway, high-speed train and airport links. Local public transport also provides a modern network of trams, suburban trains and buses. All transport centres around the Hauptbahnhof (train station)

Today I caught a bus at ten o’clock and had several hours strolling the city. There is something called The Red Thread which is a line 4,200 metres in length traced on the pavement to guide in the discovery of the city. I saw it now and again, but often strayed from the pathway when something else took my interest. (I feel a sermon coming on!).

OLD TOWN – prior to World War II, Hannover had an extensive Old Town characterised by shadowy lanes and half-timbered Gothic buildings. Unfortunately, bombing destroyed many of the buildings in the Old Town and today the remaining facades have been moved together to form a kind of “new” Old Town. (I would not have realised this). It is now made up of around 40 half-timbered constructions and among them is Hannover’s oldest church, the Kreuzkirche, which dates from 1333.

The striking Marktkirche (Market Church) is the leading Lutheran church in Hannover. Built in the 14th century , this church is considered to be the most southern example of the North German Brick Gothic architectural style. Despite its age, the church retains one of the highest towers in Hannover and even in the Lower Saxony region. When constructed, the design was deliberately monumental in order to highlight the wealth and power of the city of Hannover. The tall spire was added to the top of the bell tower in haste, when the coffers were beginning to run dry on the church’s construction, and this practical move was mimicked in churches all across Europe.
Visiting Hannover’s Old Town is a captivating experience, with its rich historical atmosphere. .

Only a stone’s throw from the Old Town is the River Leine.

During the morning I walked through several Christmas Market areas where stall-holders were preparing for eleven o’clock opening.


My lunch today was Curry Wurst

Hannover is considered a great place to shop. The pedestrian zone is one of Germany’s most popular retail centres. There are classy shops, beautiful arcades and an abundance of restaurants, bistros and cafés.


Hannover’s oldest church -the Kreuzkirche


One thought on “HANNOVER OLD AND NEW

  1. It has taken me ages to try to catch up on your travels, Shirley. Your blog is very detailed and I know I haven’t done it justice, but I have enjoyed skimming through and seeing all your photos. I can easily imagine you “straying” from that red line!! I don’t imagine that you let yourself have much ‘”rest time” – the pull of seeing something new, something beautiful, something fascinating, would just not allow it! I am not sure I would cope with those oh so cold temperatures though. Glynis X

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