My “title imagination” has today run dry!
There are many times when I either don’t know what day it is or what the date is.
Today we were on the 09:55 bus into Hannover for first, a never-to-be-forgotten Post Office experience. Between us we had a number of small items to post back home. We knew that we had to keep the weight of each under 2 kgs. It took several attempts and a deal of time, with the help of a very kind gentleman, to choose correct sized boxes, pack, seal and post. He wasn’t actually employed by the Postal Authority, but spoke good English and had visited Australia and what’s more had a sense of humour and a helpful disposition. That job done we looked for a coffee shop. When we look for a coffee shop there is a particular criteria – we need warmth (and they are usually too hot), WiFi, Toilet and last on the list is Coffee. That is why we were seated in Starbucks of all places! There is a first and last for all things. MM had noticed a North Face Shop so we were able to purchase waterproof covers to slip over our backpacks.

On a train at midday we are on a one hour ride to GOSLAR – QUEEN OF THE HARZ, a UNESCO World Heritage City.
The town sits on the North Eastern edge of the Harz Mountains. For hundreds of years it was a prosperous mining town and wealth poured in from the silver mine at Rammelsberg, just on the outskirts. Not only was Goslar a wealthy mining town, but the Holy Roman Emperors made this city their residence for 300 years from 1039.
Street after street of beautifully carved, half-timbered houses are the result. In fact, this town has the largest number of old houses in Germany, 1800 of them!



The city survived the war without damage due in part to the presence of a Prisoner of War hospital and is an amazingly well-preserved example of a town of the late Middle Ages.
The 500 year old Kaiserworth Hotel was the official home of the Tailors’ Guild. A line of German Emperors marches across the building.

This is a wonderful town for strolling the winding streets and admiring the well- preserved, picturesque houses, but for us today it was a little different. We knew that there were warnings of an approaching storm and shortly after our arrival strong winds, almost strong enough to blow me over, came in gusts. We walked very quickly, taking a few photos on our phones, and found a beautiful warm place to have a bowl of soup and coffee and cake.



At 16:00, when we braved it out into the cold, it was not only dark, but it was snowing – our first time to be walking as it was snowing !! I had a warm scarf over my head and covering my ears, my waterproof bucket hat and then the hood from my down-filled coat. We had a distance to walk back to the train station, but it was quite exciting.



Tomorrow morning we should be going to Hamburg but as there are storms throughout Northern Europe we will be in contact with Rail authorities early. We know that some trains have been cancelled and Hamburg Airport has been closed. We are in the happy position of not having to travel as I have already checked that we can stay another night if necessary.

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