The forecast storms for Northern Europe came in full force to many places but haven’t upset our travel plans other than delaying us by about an hour into Hamburg. Erika’s flight from Zurich was one she will not forget for some time. The passengers were unable to disembark immediately as the stairs could not be brought to the exit because of the strong winds, and this after a very bumpy landing- the last flight to land this morning at Hamburg Airport.
Snow fell overnight in Hannover and the countryside was white as we travelled to Hamburg.
View from my window at Hannover at 08:00 as we went to breakfast.

Trains were somewhat delayed and this one was at first indicating MUNCHEN, but eventually we determined it was headed for Hamburg and our First Class carriage did have 4 other passengers by the time we left.

A covering of snow



MM and I met Erika and went to the home of MM’s niece and her daughter where we were made most welcome as we enjoyed a bowl of lovely warm soup at a beautifully decorated Christmassy table.
I am now at a B & B, not far from MM and Erika is in a Hotel 2 minutes away.
Erika and I had a walk to a Christmas market this evening and walked home as it was snowing.

Apparently the water levels in Hamburg are half of a metre higher than in a flood in 1962 (which has been recorded as the highest) but we will check this out tomorrow.
A good day meeting up with family and friends.

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