The Speicherstadt was built between 1888 and 1927. This warehouse complex is actually a city within a city, a unique, historic complex of warehouse and storehouse blocks. A stroll through this impressive area of red brick buildings in Wilhemine style brings to life the world of Hanse merchants and warehouse owners. The Blocks were all of 5 to 7 levels and numbered alphabetically (e.g.BLOCK A). Merchants could use the warehouses without paying Customs fees . They were originally used for goods such as carpets, herbs, coffee etc.


(Apologies for the finger in my photo)
All other photography tonight is per favour of Erika as I concentrated too much today on photos with my camera instead of my iphone.
THE Baroque Church St. Michaelis is the landmark of Hamburg and the port in the Neustadt district known affectionately as the Michel. It is resplendent with the prolific use of marble and gold and seats 2,000 people. It was reconstructed 1750-1762 after a fire. The tower goes to a height of 132 metres and it has the largest clock face in Germany. Today was too misty to go up to the 80 metre level for a great view over Hamburg. As we viewed the church today it was all decked out for Christmas with Tree and Nativity scene.


Our eating experiences today were just right. Lunch was in the Speicherstadt area at Züm Brandanfang, a restaurant with a great history demonstrated by the paraphernalia decorating the building and creating the ambience. It was in the street where the 1842 fire started. We bought 2 local fish dishes to share.
Matjes Kuddel Daddeldu (cold fish) and
Pannfisch and thoroughly enjoyed both


Late afternoon it was time for a rest and coffee break so we crossed the road from the church and went to the Old Commercial Rooms where we shared a dessert trilogy. One of the sweets was Rote Grütze which is special to this area – a mix of berries with a drizzle of cream. This was also in a delightful setting with many photos of movie stars – mainly German.
Another delightful day in hamburg.



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