The alleys and courtyards in LÜBECK’S Old Town are the remains of medieval urban development. The diversity of these alleyways and courtyards is something quite unique and it was most interesting walking in such a peaceful and secluded atmosphere. The winding alleys have been declared a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO.


CASTLE GATE is a bulwark in red and black. Castle and Holsten Gates are the two remaining of the four original gates.
The oldest sections originate from the 13th century. LÜBECK is alive so the town is constantly being altered and renovated.

MORE ABOUT MARZIPAN – from the Orient to the Baltic Sea.
Marzipan originated in the Orient. The sweet delicacies then reached Spain and Portugal before making their way to Europe during the Crusades via the trading hub of Venice. In the early days of its existence, marzipan was actually produced by chemists and was still considered to have healing properties right through to the 18th century.
Once the New World was discovered, Europe was able to secure larger supplies of sugar than ever before. This led to confectioners taking over the sale of marzipan and turning simple logs of sugar and almonds into artistic shapes and handcrafted figures.

Yes, it is ALL Marzipan!

These are on the bank of the River Trave.
They were built in the 16th to 18th centuries in place of older Herring Houses and used as a store for salt brought from Lüneburg. Later used as a granary and wood store.


CHRISTMAS MARKETS all take place in the old quarter around the Town Hall.
Around 20 stalls beautifully recreate tales of the brothers Grimm.

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