It would seem that on so many occasions in my travels, my choices are incorrect !!
If there is a door to open (usually heavy),
I will PUSH when I should PULL.

I always seem to be on the wrong side of the path which means that approaching pedestrians are heading straight for me.

The bike lane is not well defined, so I suddenly hear the ringing of a bell just before a bicycle is ploughing into me.

Warning is given as to the side to exit the train and, of course, it is in German, BUT
I now know that RIGHT in German starts with an R and LEFT starts with an L so I have that one beaten.

A visit to the Toilet (Toiletten) can be a challenge. Sometimes a coin is needed at the point of entry and sometimes a coin in the saucer at the exit will suffice. Some are so automated that they are flushing before you would expect and others require a search to find the button to press. If I try to turn the tap to wash my hands, you can be sure that all I need to do is pop my hands under and the water will flow. As for the paper towel, often that needs the press of a button before it will disgorge!

When there is an Entry ticket to scan, somehow I will insert it the wrong way up (or try to, before somebody comes to my aid).

Bathroom showers vary as we move from one accommodation to another, but I have learned to get that worked out BEFORE I remove my glasses.

I am sure there are many more and none of them too drastic – actually they have been the instrument of many laughs for us. (Age may just have something to do with it).

The drastic thing to happen today was that I had a hair cut. I actually went to a Hairstylist alone and conversed with a girl who had a smattering of English and came out leaving most of my hair on the floor. It is shorter than short but I know that it will grow and I was desperate since the last cut was eight and a half weeks ago. The best thing about it was the price – €12.
I then took the train from Holstenstr. to Hauptbahnhof and wandered the city before joining Kathy, Amy and MM for lunch at Kathy’s place and then going on train and bus to Amy’s Ice Skating practise. We enjoyed a Sushi dinner together and then it was a taxi and bed for me.

The day started foggy/misty and crisp


Children enjoying the Christmas Market

The Mistletoe Stall

Trees in the Hamburg Market

At Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

Amy on the ice



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