The blog for yesterday, 17th December,
appears here as we were without Wifi last night.

Before we leave Denmark, a little bit of Trivia.
“Nisser” – once a year Denmark is overrun by a host of little folk known as Nisser. They are seen everywhere; in shop windows, on windowsills and walls of every home and precariously hanging from their fingertips from picture frames. They are Scandinavian relatives of the pixie and the imp.

Today has been a day of many changes and we have had many over the last few weeks. In all, our trip will take us from Australia into nine countries and each time brings a change of culture, a change of language, a change of currency and a change of flag. Yesterday we were in Denmark using Danish Kroner where $1AUD = 4.84 Krone and having a flag which is white background with red cross and today we are in Sweden where $1AUD = 5.87 Swedish Kronor and a flag which is blue background with yellow cross.


We left Copenhagen, Denmark, at 08:28 on a fast train, having caught a bus from apartment to train station before daylight. Many times I have been very thankful for the kind assistance given by people along the way. A gentleman today carried my case up a long flight of stairs when the elevator was found to be out of service. We enjoyed another breakfast on the train and could also help ourselves to tea, coffee, brownies and mandarins.

Arrival time in Stockholm was 14:00. The maximum temperature today was 6 degrees and the minimum 0 and sunset was at 14:46 so it was dark when we arrived at the apartment at 16:00.


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