In a previous Blog, “Another Day, Another Country”, I reported on a happening at Stockholm Central Station but, I am sure, due to my poor blog handling skills, it got lost in delivery.
I now attempt to reproduce it:
As I stood watching over the luggage (MM investigating Tourist Information) I was approached by a 30+ well dressed young gentleman who asked me a question. The conversation went something like this after his question:

I am sorry but I only speak English.
May I ask you a question in English?
Yes, of course.
What to you is the most important thing about Christmas?
That we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ who came into the world to be the Saviour of mankind. I am a Christian and know this to be true – He is my God.
He made some notes, took my photo, asked my name and the country I am from. It was then that he said that he was reporting for a Christian newspaper. He said ‘God bless’ and went on his way.

Today we left the apartment in Stockholm (Sweden) at 07:20 in order to catch the 08:29 train to Oslo (Norway) a 6 hour trip travelling through beautiful countryside. There was very little snow on the ground and in many places the locals have commented on the mild start to Winter. Even this afternoon a young girl on the tram was saying that usually they would be having days of -10 degrees by now and today it was 4.
We came passed lakes that were iced over, many pine trees and dark red painted houses with grey rooftops and white trim. Soon after 09:00 the big extremely bright sun rose into a blue sky but was gone by the time we arrived in Oslo at about 14:30.
While we were in the Train Station we were treated to a Christmas musical performance which certainly drew the attention of the crowd.

A trip on a tram and we are now settled into our loft accommodation for the next few nights, but haven’t Wifi so this will have to wait to be published.







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