Today brought some amazing scenery – certainly a White Christmas, picture postcard style. I am only sorry that the photographs I share tonight don’t convey the absolute beauty. The ones taken with my camera are hopefully more successful but we were in a very fast train and sometimes the windows were splattered with snow!!!! For me, none of this matters because I will never forget today’s sights.

We left Oslo at 08.05 (7degrees) on our 500 kms. train journey to Bergen. It was good to have reserved seats as the train appeared to be full with many people either returning home or visiting family for Christmas (laden with parcels).
We were given good English information announcements on the train, hence I can say that at 10:00 it was -1, at 11:00 it was -3, at 12:00 it was -3 and we were 990 metres above S.L. and at 12:25 at a place named Finse it was -4 and we were 1,222 metres above S.L.
The weather was perfect for viewing this spectacular landscape.







A snow splattered window!


I must point out that I wasn’t the only one taking photos today. There were click sounds everywhere and a passenger was almost left behind when he jumped off the train at one Station to get a particular shot.

We arrived in Bergen on time at 14:59.


BERGEN is a unique city, not least because of its beautiful setting and world-famous surroundings. It is an international city packed with history and tradition – packed with small-town charm and atmosphere.
It was founded by King Olav Kyrre in 1070 AD, and it became Norway’s first real capital in the 13th century. Until the 1830’s Bergen was the biggest town in Norway and the largest in Scandinavia for a period during the Middle Ages. The reason for this was that Bergen was a major European trading and seafaring port and one of the Hanseatic merchants’ four most important trading centres. Trade and seafaring still play an important part in Bergen’s economy.
Bergen has today a population of 263,000. It is a major university city.



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