This is the first time in 72 days that I haven’t been out, so this 72nd Blog could be more of a challenge than usual. The forecast temperature is 6 degrees with rain. It is Christmas Day and MM and I have done as we planned and cooked a Roast Chicken and Vegetable Bake which we enjoyed at about 14:00.



Prior to our cooking marathon, we had messaged (or talked with) family members to share Christmas greetings. Part of my Family are sharing Christmas Day with workers at The Company of Grace for disadvantaged children with a physical disability in Ho Chi Minh City. We are certainly spread far and wide.
MM and I had gifts for each other – little odds and ends to help cement the memories from this amazing trip.


Having enjoyed some very tasty seafood meals, I include a little information on that industry. Bergen is a world-leading seafood region and has several of the top seafood companies in the world and an International Research community. The large aquaculture and fisheries industries have helped to make Norway the world’s second biggest exporter of seafood after China. The clean water of the cold West-Norwegian fjords provides the perfect conditions for fish farming, especially of salmon and trout.

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