Today, another 500 km train journey, this time to the city of Trondheim on the Trondheimsfjord that feeds into the North Atlantic Ocean.

Trondheim is the Capital of the Province of Trondelag and is the third largest city in Norway and one of the oldest in Scandinavia. It was founded by Olav Tryggvasson in 997 AD. and sits at the mouth of the River Nidelva which meanders through the city centre, helping to surround it by water on all sides. The pace of life is slow and easy for the population of 180,000.
Most of the 19th century centre of Trondheim is still intact. It is built on a gridiron plan.

The scenery today has certainly given witness to the transition from the rural fertile and profitable valleys in the South to the wide harsh landscape of the blustery North. Frozen lakes and frozen waterfalls all add to the stark black and white picture.

Boarding the train at Oslo Central Station at 08:00 – dark until 10:00 today.



One of the Stations




Arrival at Trondheim


View from the Apartment window at 16:30


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