This is the longest travel day of our whole trip!

A taxi at 07:00 took us to TRONDHEIM Central Station in good time to board the 07:38 train to Fauske where we should arrive at 16:37. The day’s travel continues at 18:22 by bus and ferry to Narvik arriving at 23:02 and then we have a 10 minute walk to the Hotel. We had 4 seats to ourselves for the first two hours of our journey until joined by a couple who had a reservation for two of the seats.

I am having to write this Blog as we travel as I am quite sure I will be more than ready to fall into bed tonight.

When we board the bus in Fauske we have a double seat each as there are only a few passengers. Outside temp. 5 degrees (and soon down to 2) 22 degrees on the bus.

Situated 220 Kms. within the Arctic Circle, Narvik is one of the most northerly towns in the world. It is the third largest town in the county of Nordland, with a population of 18,000 inhabitants. Its relatively close proximity to the North Pole would make the area uninhabitable, however the Gulf Stream provides Narvik with ice free Ports during the Winter and Summer temperatures of more than 20 degrees on some days. During Winter time (October-March) Narvik has its dark season and in the middle of November the sun disappears until the end of January. There is a bluish light for a few hours around noon. Winter temperatures are usually somewhere between 5 degrees and -15 degrees.

The further we go today, the more wild the scenery. High majestic mountains, bare of trees but snow-covered. Sometimes raining, sometimes snowing and sometimes in low cloud; passing fjords, lakes, some frozen, through cuttings and tunnels and over bridges and once again in a black and white landscape.

An Omelette with salad for dinner at Fauske as we waited for the departure of the bus.

What an INCREDIBLE bus ride – narrow road, steep climbs and iced surface. Transport trucks coming from the other direction, but excellent drivers who changed after the first hour and a half.
Soon after 21:00 we were on the Ferry.

Another very difficult day for photography. As we are in the last carriage (No . 1) many photos are straight down the track.











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