MM and I chose to meet at Breakfast at 10:00 today so that we could combine two meals at that time and make it “brunch”.
Just prior to leaving the Hotel at 11:07 I took this photo from my window and I think that was the most daylight in Narvik on this day.

Accommodation here is at a bit of a premium. We have two nights at the Quality Hotel Grand Royal.


We set out for the Train Station, warily watching every step. I am very thankful for the boots I purchased in Hamburg as they are sturdy and warm and I have worn them every day since purchase.


The Station counter is not manned today so we talked with the girl at the Tourist Information Desk to confirm the train time for tomorrow. We hoped we could reserve seats, but all seems very casual and she says just come and board so we should leave here at 10:40 tomorrow according to the ‘just changed’ schedule.
We then walked a few streets in drizzling rain taking in the atmosphere which is so foreign to us.


Ski slope lit in the background.

Shell Petrol Station at the corner

Water frozen against the rock face.


After sitting enjoying the view at a coffee shop named Kaffeen in Narvik Storsenter (shopping Mall) we walked back to the Hotel and this was the view from my window at 14:10. Since that time I have seen it rain and snow and now at 15:45 it is completely dark.


In April 1940 Narvik became the focus of the world’s attention. After half a year of uneventful war, Hitler attacked Denmark and Norway. For two months a bitter battle for Narvik and the iron-ore raged between the invading German forces and the French, Polish and Norwegian troops on land, and a considerable flotilla at sea.
The rebuilding of Narvik was with little thought for maintaining the character of the old wooden buildings, hence its reputation is mainly industrial.
With its Adventure Sports Centre, it has now become a popular destination for skiers, para gliders, scuba divers, mountain climbing, caving and glacier walking.

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