The year has commenced with a walk around the small city of Kiruna. With snow falling on a hushed white landscape MM and I left our footprints as we made our way from Hotell City to the Kiruna Church, recently voted Sweden’s most popular building of all time. It is a wooden church from 1912 and is in the shape of a Saami lávvu.






It was interesting to watch the machinery clearing the roads and piling the snow into huge heaps here and there.



We were never very far from our hotel and, at one stage, returned to add a thermal layer as it was the coldest we had felt during our trip (another day of minus 5). It was snowing as we walked, but not at all unpleasant – we just needed to be a little cautious with our footing.
We didn’t stop for a rest!


A REAL tree with REAL snow!

KIRUNA is not only a mining town, it is Sweden’s premier Space City. Around 500 people in Kiruna have jobs connected to the Space sector.

We left Kiruna at 13:58 bound for Luleå on the Bay of Bothnia, 341 Kms to the south-east where the forecast temperature is minus 3 degrees.


2 thoughts on “NEW YEAR’S DAY 2014

  1. An atmosphere of its own….
    It sounds special when you walk on snow. And everything is so quiet.
    Enjoy it …..

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