Today we started heading South after this amazing three months of travel. We read of the birds heading South for Winter- these birds are heading South to Adelaide, with a predicted forecast of 46 degrees tomorrow, from minus 14 today in Moscow, but we do stopover in Singapore.

The young man whose apartment we rented in Moscow ordered a taxi to take us to the Airport (Domodedevo), one of Moscow’s three.
The trip took one hour and he had negotiated a price of 1,300 RUR ($43.86AUD). We were very thankful for his assistance. This meant that we could pack our boots and wear our shoes and lighter clothing with our overcoats on top for warmth.
It is interesting being in a country where one can’t guess at the meaning of signs. In Italy or Germany we found that we could work out something from the signage, but not in Russia, and as for ordering a taxi by telephone, this was out of the question.

My case checked in at 18 kgs. which is about the same as at departure, the difference is that some things were left behind and other items were added.
It was great that before leaving St. Petersburg, Kelvin had read that NO liquids or gels of any size could be taken in “carry on” luggage, so when that was explained to us at the check-in desk, we were well prepared. This ruling has been introduced this week in preparation for the upcoming Winter Olympics.
Full body scanners are in use.

Singapore Airlines Flight left on time at 15:20 but take off was slowed a little by the necessary deicing procedure which was interesting to watch. The Boeing 777-300ER was then led along the runway by a small orange vehicle with FOLLOW ME in lights on top.
The timing of this Flight was not conducive to sleeping so, although the cabin lights were off, there were people talking and wandering around.
We arrived in Singapore at 05:12 after a very smooth flight and an early breakfast – 9 hrs. 50 mins.










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