After 2 nights’ rest in Singapore, we are heading home to Adelaide.

During previous travels, I have diligently kept a hand-written diary for my own personal day-by-day record.
Over the 13 weeks we have been away it has been my pleasure to each day maintain and share “The Grand Tour”.
I am thankful to travel writers, producers of travel brochures and pre-trip information stored on my E-Reader, for all that I have read and reproduced here to share with interested family and friends.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayerful support.
Thanks to my grand-daughter who provided the iphone and taught me a few skills prior to departure.
Special thanks to MM for her love and patience and careful attention to many planning details as we have journeyed together. Our total care and provision has been from God, our Father, our guide for life itself, and I am thankful.

Making new friends and renewing of friendships has greatly enhanced the amazing things we have seen and done.

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