I am sharing this adventure with my cousin Patricia (Pat). We have travelled together on a previous occasion and, as she lives in Western Australia, have enjoyed the last few months researching and planning via ‘phone calls, texts and emails. (How did we manage when we only had snail mail). For overseas readers of this Blog – Perth is the capital city of Western Australia and the distance from Adelaide is 2695 kms.  Her home is about 2 hours driving time south of Perth. Flying time from Perth to Adelaide is just under 3 hours.  She will have travelled many kms prior to our International departure from Adelaide Airport.

We have learned from experience that a joy shared is a joy doubled and a trouble shared is a trouble halved.

There are many advantages to having company when travelling:
1. Shared Memories – Friends at home are not able to enjoy the shared detail of day-to-day experiences in the same rich way as the person who is at your side (even though I will have photographs – interesting to some and boring to others).
2. Safety in numbers – There is comfort in knowing that you are with somebody who will look out for you and you them and will keep watch on belongings and you theirs (especially at toilet stops).
3. Two heads are better than one – Checking schedules, reading signs, finding accommodation, looking for directions, making decisions and hearing the alarm in the morning – the list goes on …. More brain power.
4. Purchasing Power – Splitting the cost of a room when booking accommodation, halving the price of a taxi and sharing the delights from the menu.
5. No reason for Loneliness – Always a partner at meal times or when seated on public transport – a trusted companion.
6. Learning from each other – always more to learn.                                                          7. Even a Personal Photographer.

The traveller sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see. – Quote from G.K.Chesterton’s Autobiography.



  1. Hope to see you before you leave. We get home from Sydney on Sunday night. Driving with son and family to Canberra tomorrow for a weekend there.

    Bob Pickering


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