It is a beautiful morning in Adelaide, currently 17 degrees with sunshine and a blue sky with fluffy white clouds.The time is 11:00 and I find it hard to believe that I have time to sit writing this Post.  

Refrigerator is empty, cleaned and turned off, towels are on the clothes line, case is locked and I have even had a walk as there will be little walking in the upcoming hours. Many thanks for best wishes via phone calls, cards texts and emails and for shared meals and coffees.

A friend’s handiwork

The day progressed well;  Michelle drove me to the Airport and Pat arrived from Perth. We departed a few minutes early on the 22:25 flight to Doha. WHERE IS DOHA? This city is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf in the east of the country of Qatar. It is Qatar’s fastest growing city with over 50% of the population living in Doha or its surrounding suburbs and it is also the economic centre of the country. The city population is close to 1.5 million.

Today we had an experience I would not choose to repeat. Our arrival in DOHA was delayed and, as there was no available Bay for the Aircraft, we were bussed to the Terminal and then faced literally thousands of travellers in Transit, all needing to pass through Passport Control. There was no semblance of orderly queues but just a throng of bodies in a mob. The outcome was that, having been scanned, we ran through to the departure gate for Flight QR7 to London and were last to board with departure being 20 minutes late(held for us and 2 others).  We had another delay when arriving at Heathrow and were in a holding pattern for 20 minutes.

After travelling on National Express bus to Victoria Coach Station it was great to join Erika (from Switzerland) at Airways Hotel Victoria.   A day of many and varied memories with thanks to Captains and Crew of Qatar Airways flights for safe arrival.  Bed will be good tonight.










4 thoughts on “THIS IS THE DAY – 5TH MAY 2017

  1. So glad you arrived safely! Have an amazing time away! You’ll be in our thoughts and prayers. Love the Hanley’s.

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