Today I have been back in garden and flower mode (a place I enjoy) as we visited the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew.  There are over 100 world-class attractions to enjoy from iconic buildings and glasshouses to landscapes and art collections. The elegant exterior and steamy interior (glasses totally fogged)of the Palm House has long made it an icon of the Gardens. The Princess of Wales Conservatory was opened in 1987 by Diana, Princess of Wales. It contains 10 climatic zones and a huge variety of plant life including cacti, ferns, orchids and bromeliads.  The rich history of the intimate Kew Palace spans nearly 400 years. The Orangery is where we enjoyed a bowl of vegetable soup on this rather cold and cloudy day.

After enjoying about 5 hours in this beautiful garden we had a Team Meeting and decided to catch a Ferry back to Westminster (having arrived by train). Time for a coffee in a rather quaint restaurant before boarding.  At 16:30 we were on the River Thames, a tidal river which at that time was at a low point so the water was brown with muddy edges but very interesting high-rise development along each bank, almost an architectural competition.  After a Pizza and Salad meal we were back at the Hotel and into bed by 22:00.

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