WEDNESDAY 10th May. (Continued)

At this point our Tour had needed to be re-routed and we were to depart for Channel Islands from Portsmouth instead of Weymouth. Hence our accommodation for the night had been re-arranged and we were welcomed by friendly staff to the Florence House Hotel. Pat and I had booked for a shared Twin Room so it was quite a surprise when I was given the key to a beautiful suite just for me. We had shared a very tiny but sufficient room in London so this was quite a treat.

Portsmouth is a dynamic and vibrant city 110 kms. South -west of London. It is the United Kingdom’s only island city and is situated on the south coast of England.Portsmouth has the world’s oldest dry dock and was England’s first line of defence during the French invasion in 1545. It is the second busiest ferry port after Dover handling around 3 million passengers a year. The English Channel is one of the busiest waterways in the world.  The afternoon was spent at the PORTSMOUTH HISTORIC DOCKYARD particularly in the Mary Rose Exhibition. The rescue and restoration of this ship is truly amazing. The painstaking preservation skills and expertise that have been brought together over many years have resulted in a world-class display. We spent about 2 hours there and it was enjoyed by all.

A modern  emblem of Portsmouth is the Emirates Spinnaker Tower rising 170 m above Gunwharf Quays.  SEVEN HOURS TO GUERNSEY!!


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