On the last morning on the Island of Jersey (Channel Islands) it was suggested that those who wished to visit this special Church walk down the hillside path at 9:00 and be picked up by June in the bus at 10:00. Several of us were keen to do this but were very disappointed to find that, because of work in progress, there had been a delay and it would not be open to the public until the next day. (They had not changed the date on a sign at the front). A lady of the congregation could see our disappointment and was kind enough to let us take photos from a side door. The attraction lies in its glass – not the stained glass of ancient churches but the moulded white glass formulated by Rene Lalique and used by him to make much of the furniture of the Church, normally associated with wood or stone. Every piece of glass in the building was made by Lalique – hard to believe, but true. The windows are composed of panels and depict the stems and leaves of Amaryllis belladonna, or the Jersey Lily. The Cross is the focal point of the Church and stands over 4 metres high.  This is all under natural light from a skylight.

It rather pains me to report these details of such beauty without having had the joy of witnessing it for myself BUT I was very pleased to have the short glimpse given by a kind lady. An uplifting start to a most enjoyable day.

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