When visiting St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands, we visited the Maritime Museum where a section of the buiding has been dedicated to the display of an amazing tapestry. In 1988 a project to use local skills to ensure that the 50th anniversary of the Liberation of Jersey was commemorated in a suitable and memorable way was proposed. It was to be 96 inches by 36 inches and it was estimated that it would take three years to complete. The enthusiasm was so great that it was decided that as many islanders as possible should be involved. The complex task of stretching and mounting the panels was carried out at Hampton Court Palace. It became the largest single community effort ever undertaken on the Island. After 7 years in the making the Occupation Tapestry was finally presented to the public on Liberation Day 1995, unveiled by the Prince of Wales.

A video presentation filled in all of the fine details of this amazing team effort.

Having endured 1,773 days of occupation by GERMAN FORCES, Jersey is finally liberated by British Troops of TaskForce 135 on 9 May 1945.


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