One of the short backroads excursions when on the Tour was a visit to CANCALE, a small fishing village in Brittany, north-western France. People who enjoy oysters are in their element when visiting CANCALE, the oyster capital renowned for its flat-shelled oysters and seafood Restaurants.

Marche aux Huitres is a tiny open-air Market on the beach near the oyster farm – a delight to oyster lovers who purchase a plate of oysters with lemon and consume them right there throwing the shells on to a very large heap on the sand.

My choice was not oysters but the best Crepe so far, enjoyed in a very quaint little cafe on the seafront.


  1. All sounds lovely, & interesting as well. We are leaving Erika now – she has been such a gem taking us out for 3 days straight, two of them with lots of driving. She will need a rest before you and Pat arrive!

    • Trust you are all recuperating after your busy time in Zurich.
      We are aiming to have a slow day today after 3 weeks of go,go,go – so much to see and enjoy. Love to all… S

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