CHATEAU DU CLOS LUCE AND PARC LEONARDO DA VINCI – in Amboise was built in 1471. The elegant facade of pink brick and tufa stone bares the stamp of the 15th Century. Both the Chateau and the park are devoted to rebuilding the universe of Leonardo da Vinci and bringing it to life. It was at the Chateau that Leonardo spent the last three years of his life, devoting himself to numerous projects for the King, Francis l, and adding the final touches to his paintings and other works. At the heart of the Park and at the foot of the Renaissance terrace is “Leonardo’s Garden – Leonardo and Nature”. In this natural landscape life has been given to botanical drawings, geological and hydro dynamic studies and scenery.

CHATEAU OF CHENONCEAU – The Chateau is located in the Centre Val de Loire region and was once a royal residence as property of the crown. It is a truly exceptional site, both for its original idea of building it on the Cher River and for its destiny; to be loved, managed and protected by women such as Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medici. Today, the Chateau of Chenonceau is second only to Versailles as the most visited chateau in France.

CHATEAU OF CHEVERNY – Recognised as the most magnificently furnished of the Loire Valley chateaux, Cheverny’s richness of decoration and its numerous pieces of marvellous furniture are astonishing. It seems to be poised on an ocean of perfectly kept lawns. It was built in a contemporary design between structures that are placed along a central axis. The estate has been in the same family for over 6 centuries. Today the chateau is lived in by descendants of the Hurault family whose apartments are located in the right wing.


NATIONAL DOMAIN OF CHAMBORD – Chambord is an extraordinary work of art and a listed World Heritage Site since 1981. It is the emblem of the French Renaissance around the world. It stands completely surrounded by nature between the Loire River and the wild woodlands, home to boar and deer. Chambord is the largest and most prestigious of the French Renaissance Chateaux, second only in size to Versailles, but the largest in total ground area.

9 thoughts on “A TALE OF FOUR CHATEAUX

  1. Wow Shirley I’m so enjoying your travels your photos are so interesting.My son Michael has just shown me how to reply, and the history is great too. It’s a lot cooler here in Canberra than home ,lm staying a few days longer , to celebrate my sister in laws 75th birthday. Thank you for including me on your holiday travels .God Bless you and keep you safe .love Monica

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  2. What an amazing place, and the clear blue skies not a cloud insight. vary cloudy here. thank you for beautiful pics.
    Don & Jill

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