SUNDAY 28th May

We planned a slow start with late breakfast today and heard the Cathedrale bells at 10:45 – a call to worship. Today’s forecast was 31 degrees and continued to be quite humid. We started our walk at about 14:00 and dodged from one patch of shade to the next with a plan to buy tickets and take the Tramway back to the old town (visited previously on the tourist train) with its half-timbered houses and cobbled streets. The old Town clusters around Place Plumereau, its old houses restored to their former glory. This is a step back in time into the historic medieval city. The pleasing aspect was that there were a lot fewer tourists in the area today – many were enjoying the food and wine market again. We had a 3 o’clock lunch ? at a Creperie (I enjoyed mine with lemon and sugar).  After another break for drink and ice cream (glacé) we returned via a treed leafy Boulevard to Hotel Mirabeau at 17:00 ready for a cold shower.

The first Tramway Line began operating on 1st September 2013. The Tours Tramway is home to a fleet of 21 light rail vehicles especially for the streets of Tours. The vehicles feature a mirror-like outer cladding designed to reflect the surrounding urban environment Throughout the city centre there is ground level power supply embedded in the ground. 29 stops enable tourists to visit the city with upwards of 55,000 per day using the Tramway on a 15km route. This was our mode of transport today.


  1. Very French, very beautiful! We are amidst very similar villages and towns, with the Rhine creating much interest for us. Today, Wed31, we have just docked in Rudesheim, so we will be off to explore at 8.30. Expecting a lovely day.

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