TUESDAY 6th June

Today we awoke to the sound of rain.  There was dark heavy cloud cover so we took our time and didn’t venture out until mid-morning. I had to retrieve my jacket from the backpack where it had been hibernating since we were in Paris almost 3 weeks ago.

It was great to walk through the Market as the stalls were set up along cobbled lanes and over little bridges in the pedestrianised Old Town.

We had not had breakfast and were looking for a Creperie but were told that they wouldn’t be open until midday. We came upon an amazing upmarket Patisserie named ROSE DES NEIGES where we enjoyed coffee and a sweet treat to behold (or consume).

ANNECY is a place of stunning mountain scenery and a turquoise lake. It is a place for aimlessly wandering cobbled streets, for sitting near the canals drinking coffee or sharing a meal. This afternoon the sun reappeared and we walked by Lake Annecy taking in the wonderful surroundings.


A 2 hour Cruise on Lake Annecy


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