SATURDAY, 10th June

At 10:30 we set out, Erika driving, for a one and a half hour drive to Breckenried where we boarded a Cable Car to Klewenalp (1600 m) in the Swiss Alps. The scenery along Lake Lucerne was breathtakingly beautiful as the day was filled with blue sky and fluffy white clouds with a temperature of 18 degrees when we arrived at the top. A number of Hang Glider enthusiasts were preparing for their jumps on a perfectly calm day  and there was a noticeable lack of tourists which added to the peacefulness of the area. We sat outside the Restaurant enjoying our lunch and soaking up the panorama of green slopes, pine trees and snow-capped mountains. My lunch was traditionally Swiss – Gerstensuppe –  Barley soup with cheese filled sausage.

Now came the two hour trail to Stockhutte. No mountain walk is on level ground so there were many ups and downs over paths sometimes stoney, sometimes smooth but all well marked with suggested walking times. We encountered professional Swiss walkers, families (some with prams), heard the bells of the cows down in the valleys and then met up with them on the pathway and enjoyed the beauty of the fields strewn with wild Alpine flowers, according to the season. Beauty at every turn but a walk not for the faint-hearted. There were times when I felt that the end was never coming but convinced myself that every step was one less to the finish line at the Chair Lift and my reward – a Magnum!

Every step of the way the love of God the Father was powerfully present.

A great day shared with friends!


  1. truly a very remarkable special day with great rewards at the end.
    I was a little disappointed that you didn’t talk of any yodeling in the mountains.

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